So, I gave you a brief overview on my last post about money blocks, how they sabotage your money, success and your life. Now let’s talk about where they come from. Money blocks are limiting beliefs or programs that we pick up in our early childhood from our parents, relatives, teachers, peers and others who influenced us in anyway. And it’s what they believed about money and how hard you had to work for it. For example, I went to parochial school for 8 years and the nuns did a great brainwashing job, of drumming into my sponge-like brain, that money was evil and too much money would, God forbid, corrupt you (horrors of horrors). And it certainly wasn’t saintly to want a lot of money. Both my parents grew up during the Great Depression where “lack” was the word of an era. My father particularly was more than just “poor.” My mother claimed if the neighbors had not supplied them with additional food, both my father and uncles would have starved. Those were tough times and people back then learned to re-use and recycle just about everything.

How many of you believed or still do that extremely wealthy people are greedy, or selfish, or self-centered? Thus the term “filthy rich”, not exactly a positive statement. Did your parents talk about “those people” like they were somehow separate and in a different class from you; like you couldn’t or shouldn’t be like them? How many of you heard your parents arguing or fighting over money when you were a child or denying you something or some experience because; famous last words, “we can’t afford it.”

These are all limiting beliefs that we download into our subconscious without our awareness and then these beliefs act like computer viruses running in the background of our minds sabotaging our ability to easily earn and be successful as adults. So many of us feel stuck when it comes to money and happiness and we don’t understand why it is such a struggle. For example, you’ve decided to leave corporate America and pursue your dream career. You know what to do to make your life a success but for some unexplained reason you procrastinate, you do busy work or make excuses. Why do you do this?

In the next post we will explore the power of the subconscious mind and why its sole purpose is to make sure you survive not thrive. So if you dare to get out of your comfort zone, like strike out on your own, it is ready and waiting to stop you in your tracks like a quick yet brutal silent stab in the dark. And its methods can be quite vicious.