Hello all, greetings,

This is my first blog for a brand new website. Hopefully, my plan is anyway, to have many many more. The purpose of this blog is to be informative and educational.

To begin. I am a transformational wealth and success coach. I help my clients/people clear their subconscious money blocks. Because, you may or may not know, money affects just about every area of your life. Money, or rather the lack of it, causes undue stress, worry and sleepless nights. It affects your health, relationships and your confidence. Money blocks are particularly harmful for those who are fed up with corporate America and want to strike out on their own to start their own businesses.

So what are money blocks and why are they so damaging? Money blocks are programs or limiting beliefs that reside in our subconscious mind which means they are hidden and we don’t know they are there. But those negative beliefs stop us from earning and keeping the money we deserve to have and more importantly affect our happiness and wellbeing.

In my next post I’ll discuss more about our limiting beliefs about money and where they come from.