Greetings readers. You’re probably wondering what has happened to me after my last communication. Well, it’s simple really. Call it an excuse if you will, but I lost the spark. For a creative writer we need what is called inspiration to truly create. Without it writing is a struggle. I like to give the analogy of swimming through glue. You get the idea.

I mean have you ever been really excited and motivated about starting a new project or experience and then run out of steam soon after. I think it is called resistance. You give every excuse in the book on why you are not moving forward. This is a great time to get support because we all know we can’t accomplish great things alone. Whether that is hiring a coach or finding a good friend who believes in you, this is a critical action step on the way to success.

I take my writing seriously because I write to inspire. I liken myself to an artist except I paint with words. I want my readers, to taste, smell, hear and feel what I am experiencing. I don’t like to write under pressure. The end result is just words on a page and I have wasted my time and yours. It’s like the artist that slings a handful of mud at the canvas. Not pretty and definitely not a masterpiece. I remember working as a newspaper reporter eons ago. I hated whipping out a story under deadline. Talk about stress. Not fun. Then there is that ugly monster that all writers loathe with a passion but experience at some point in their career. . . WRITER’S BLOCK.

Yes, readers I have been suffering from writers block for several weeks now. Not only have I lost the motivation but more importantly I have lost the inspiration. Without the latter, I don’t write. It is too much of a chore. I don’t want to sit before a typewriter and chew on a few wooden pencils while I knock myself in the head a couple of time to force a few ideas out of it. All right, that was 30 years ago but the birthing process hasn’t changed.

So now you know. But this is a two-way street. What about you? Have you ever experienced losing the motivation or the momentum to finish an important project or task, or maybe it was just moving forward in your life? Don’t be afraid to share. We are only human. Coaching is a great way to get support and I am here to support you with a complimentary session. Please reply to this e-mail if you would like to receive the help to get unstuck.

I just returned from a phenomenal retreat where I learned a process that helps you get unstuck in seconds. It will work on anything in your life, money, relationships, health, you name it. It also does wonders on writers block. That will be the topic of my next article. Talk soon.